About me

I’m an engineer, whose expertise and passion lies in development work, microservice architecture, software architecture, solution designing, network infrastructure setup (clusters, cloud), problem solving, data algorithms, big data, data mining, machine learning (ML), natural language processing, artificial intelligence (AI), and always ready to debug that elusive issue, and learn new things.

Easily adaptable, flexible and open minded, I love to work in teams. I’ve worked for big companies (>200 employees), small companies (<10 employees), as well as working for myself. I believe that this has given me an invaluable breadth of experience and understanding.

My expertise and passion lies in programming, web designing, software architecture, solution designing, network infrastructure setup - especially big clusters of servers - and problem solving.

Besides doing what I do best, my hobbies include book reading especially the fantasy genre, I love swimming, squash, rollerskating, windsurfing, basketball, volleyball, tinkering with new technologies and designing hardware and its software implementation using various technologies like LED Cubes, Arduino, PIC, and Sensors.

If you want to know a little more about me, check out my LinkedIn, GitHub, and Blog.

What I do

I solve all kinds of problems. Whether they are coding problems, infrastructure issues, architecture problems, network setup problems, web server issues like slowness, crashes, unresponsive.

Once I’ve developed a thorough understanding of your company/product/needs, audience and your objectives, I can tailor a website specifically for you, or if you have a ready design in mind, or a generic way and feel of how you would like it to look, it’s not a problem I can create it with that design in mind.

Always using up-to-date design trends, and latest coding best practices and standards, I believe I can make it easy and inciting for your viewers.

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