Domain and Web hosting on different servers

If you want a website you need two things, the domain name and the web hosting. I ran into a small problem a while ago, the usual method of integrating them together is simple, just point the domain nameservers to the web hosting nameservers and it’s finished, after the DNS fully propagates you can assign it to your account.

My problem was this I had a web hosting account on Hostmonster and a I had a “.dk” domain registered on BB-Online, and it turns out I can’t point the nameservers to the hostmonster ones, because for some reason they can’t communicate between them.

And, I was wondering what to do, but the solution turned out to be pretty simple, you just edit your DNS Zone File for the domain and point it to the server that you use in  Hostmonster, it’s in cPanel on the side where it says IP Address, in my case it says “Shared IP Address”.

After that you just sit back and wait for the DNS to update, between 24-48 hours.

This method should be applicable almost on any web hosting.