Move the steam apps installation folder

Well like a lot of people, I had a problem that I have no space on my install partition, at best around 2GB-3GB, so I wanted to move the SteamApp folder to a different partition which had a lot more space, but I couldn’t find anywhere in setting where to set install directory or where to change the install directory.

You have only two choices if you have installed Windows Vista or Windows 7, there is an utility called:


This creates a link between folders on different partitions, so you can have installed some stuff on your main partition and some on a different partition, so what I did is:

  1. Shutdown Steam if it’s ruining
  2. Create a new folder on the partition where you have space, in my case I have on partition D so I decided to create a folder there called SteamApps
  3. Copy everything from the folder called **steamapps **in the installation directory of steam, to the new directory called **SteamApps, **on your new partition, in my case partition D
  4. Delete the directory called steamapps in the installation directory as you wont need it anymore
  5. Go to the steam installation directory and execute the command to create a junction between folders mklink /J steamapps D:\SteamApps

And that’s it, but what about all the other people who don’t use Windows Vista or Windows 7, well there is a solution for them too, and it can be used on Windows XP too, but the prerequisite is that the partitions need to be NTFS, or it wont work.

There is an application that was released with Windows 2000, that can do the same thing mklink can


And don’t ask me where to find it, you can easily find it with a search on your favorite search provider.