Compile qt 4.8.4 on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid

Download the full installation from qt 4.8.4, and un-compress the file onto a separate directory.

Before running the installation run the following command to get all the dependencies

apt-get build-dep libqt4-core libqt4-dev

Intel Wireless N Cards

I’ve had a lot of problems with the Intel wireless cards, when connecting to Wireless N Routers.

The speed cuts off, or drops to 1MB/s, you can set the rate manually by issuing the following command, replace wlan0 with the equivalent for your system, but usually it’s wlan0 unless you have multiple wireless cards.

iwconfig wlan0 rate 54M

Tracing jQuery trigger events

We will see how to modify the trigger event of jQuery so we can see everytime there is an event triggered, this is really usefull if you need debuging

Setting JAVA_HOME to proper value

There were a lot of times, when I needed to set up more than one java version. We should add the following line at the beginning of the file /etc/environment JAVA_HOME=$(readlink -f /usr/bin/java | sed "s:bin/java::") This way every-time you start the system it will read which java has been selected by update-alternatives Also if you change your java version often you can add it to your .bashrc file so everytime you login in a shell it will read and set JAVA_HOME to the proper directory.

Compile/Backport packages from source Ubuntu/Debian

I’ve run into several situations where the packages I want are not available on the distribution version I’m running.

One way to solve this is to upgrade to a newer distribution that contains the packages you want.

Daily SVN Incremental Backup

Lately I’ve had a lot of repositories to deal with, so I wanted to back it up, beside doing the usual, creating a hotcopy I decided to create incremental backups of all the repositories, so we can restore them even if for some reason the hotcopy fails or the repository get’s corrupted, both of them the master and the hotcopy.

So I need to do this on windows, and on linux (ubuntu), but this should work on all the distributions of linux, provided you have the required programs installed, this is mostly for Cygwin, because usually the tools required come pre-installed on the distributions, and you also have to have installed Subversion and have it in your path.