Using ant to generate javadoc for your android project

This process describes the generation of an android project using ANT, which will generate the project and also generate the javadoc documentation

If you want to generate JavaDoc for your project directly from the command line, you can easily do it by adding some extra configuration to the ant build.xml script.

Git alias, color and pretty printing

I’m tired of looking at the plain old log in git, so let’s see how we can spice it up a bit?

If you ever needed to have a prettier format of printing the git log, for easier changes, you can add this to the alias section of the .gitconfig file.

Websocket traffic forwarding using iptables

I’ve had a problem, I needed to route websocket trafic from internal server for external access, but I ran into a lot of problems, like not connecting, or the connections dropped, so let’s see how we can route the traffic successfully

Hard links to a file

Describes the process of creating a hard link to file, and searching for hard links for any given file.

SNS/SQS for node.js

How to interface SNS, SQS for node.js to AWS?

If you want to be able to create a SNS/SQS bindings from code and not to do it from the AWS Console with node.js you can do it like this.

Maintaining multiple version of a software

Describes the process of maintaining multiple version of Eclipse on your linux machine

I’ve needed on a couple occasions to use a software with different version numbers.